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It is important to be aware of what costs you will be responsible for when buying a home. You don’t want to find out something at the last minute that may mean you cannot follow through on your purchase. Here is a list of common costs a buyer encounters when purchasing a home;

1. Lawyer or Notary fees and expenses (searching the Title, investigating the Title, drafting documents, Land Title Registration fees)

2. Survey certificate (if required)

3. Costs of your mortgage, including an appraisal if needed, mortgage company’s legal fees, Land Registration fees, insurance fees, etc.

4. Adjustments (Interest, Property Taxes, Utility Payments, etc.)

5. Goods and Services Tax on a new home

6. Property Transfer Tax

7. House Inspection

When you first meet with your Realtor, you will be asked to read & sign a “Privacy Notice And Consent” This brochure provides you with information about, and obtains your consent to, such information handling practices. You will also be presented with a Disclosure of Representation In Trading Services. This form explains the special legal duties that real estate professionals owe to their clients.