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#1 – PRICE

Experience shows the right price sells a house faster than any other factor. When the listing price is more than 5% over market value, the price alone discourages buyers. This is because overpriced homes scare away potential buyers who think they can’t even afford to look. Buyers who do look at an over priced house know they can get more house for their money elsewhere.


In today’s competitive market buyers won’t even consider a house that needs fixing up. In contrast a sparkling showcase home gets top dollar when it comes to the bottom line. What most buyers are looking for is an inviting home in move-in condition, one that looks as good as a model home. Buyers who are willing to make the repairs after moving in automatically subtract the cost of needed fix-ups from the price they offer. Either way you save nothing by putting off fix ups and likely slows the sale of your home.


Your house only gets one chance to make a good impression. That’s why curb appeal is one of the most critical points in selling. Buyers are apt to fall in love at first glance – or not at all. If your home lacks curb appeal chances are the first impression will not be counteracted by the most perfect floor plan or most tasteful interior Spruce up the view of the house from the street including shrubs, lawn, shutters, windows, front door, and mailbox. Add potted flowers out front, a wreath on the door, brass outdoor lighting fixtures – what ever will enhance your home and say “buy me”.


A clean bright décor is what buyers want. Perhaps the best dollar for dollar investment for selling your home is fresh paint. Neutral colors are best. Next to fresh paint, new carpeting, replaced for either wear or color – makes a big difference. Elbow grease can be as effective as spending cash to brighten your home. Start by ruthlessly getting rid of the junk you’ve accumulated. Clean each room top to bottom. Dare to make your home look better than you’ve ever had it looking before. Focus on the three rooms most inspected – kitchen, master bedroom and bathroom. Forget those and you may as well forget the buyer too.


While it is important to fix whatever needs fixing to get your home ready for sale, undertaking a major project can cost more money than you could recover from the sale. Spending too much on remodeling projects just drains money out of your pocket. If your improvements will push your home’s value more than 20% over the average neighborhood house values, don’t expect to recoup the entire cost. Some major projects, however, like replacing a roof should be undertaken if they are needed.


Make sure you disclose any latent (hidden) or material defects to prospective buyers. When you know there is a problem don’t keep it to yourself and risk being a party to a misrepresentation lawsuit. Ask us, your real estate professionals, for a property disclosure statement. This will tell buyers about known defects or lack of them. If there is a defect, obtain a quote to get it fixed and either get it done or pass this information to a purchaser. Water seepage, foundation problems and leaky roof are the ones that are most critical to deal with.